Crazy Shizzle

Hey guys!! So technology (as everyone knows) is getting more advanced by the nanosecond, so (duh) it’s hard to keep up. But besides phones and tablets, there are completely new devices we seem to be ignoring.
One; 3D printers. Our school recently got one of these and if I may say so myself, it is border-line the coolest technological development ever. if you want to find out more about the technology in it, you can look it up. If you’re lazy, though, you basically create something with a program and the 3D printer prints it. As a full, legit object. I know. :O On a similar note, a 3D pen. With that you can literally draw up from the ground. It basically just melts and cools plastic VERY quickly, quick enough so that you can build upwards. There are a few brands that have it out now, and prices vary.
So that was today’s post, it was a bit nonfictional. Odd. Well, comment what you want next. XOXO!

Me Complaining

I keep forgetting to post. TOO MANY SOCIAL NETWORKS. I have to update Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and ESPECIALLY Youtube. Being in this generation is exhausting. JK, but really. And then there’s my social life. AND THEN homework, babysitting, and I’ll shut up because I know you guys aren’t all here to hear me complain. If I don’t post for a while, please don’t assume I’m dead. I’m very much alive. 97% to be exact. I’mkind of obsessed with Google Glass right now. I would die for one, but it’s not released to the public. WHY AM I CURSED TO BE A PART OF THIS PUBLIC THEY SPEAK OF!?? Whatever. What do you guys want me to post? Comment. I have no clue.


I know I haven’t been on, I’ve been REALLY busy with homework and school and Youtube and stuff. If you didn’t know, my Youtube channel has been getting mega popular recently, one video hitting 2,000 views. :O If you came here from my channel you already know about all this stuff, but if you didn’t PLEASE check it out! On a completely random note, I literally got 14 hours of homework this weekend. It was horrible. Absolutely terrible. And I’m sick. This weekend has pretty much sucked, but on the bright side, I got a pretty good part in our school’s play!!! YAY! Any way, blog to you later!

Catching Fire Review *SPOILERS*

Hey guys! Here with my review of the best movie in the history of films and cinemas and everything ever. Sorry I haven’t reviewed recently, I saw it last Friday.

(Happy Thanksgiving by the way, haha)

SO: I was surprised how true to the book Catching Fire  was, tons more than The Hunger Games  was. The elevator scene was everyone’s favorite part, I think. It was almost word for word the same as the book. The actors were just amazing <3 especially Jena Malone and Sam Claflin, as they were new to the cast in Catching Fire. Jen never ceases to amaze me, in that last scene just… wow… In Katniss’ face you just see so many emotions. First, she’s confused, then shocked, then sad, then worried, then mad, then just REVENGEFUL. That 10 seconds she just goves of 6 emotions!!! TALENT! Comment your thoughtson Catching Fire below.

<3, katniss1029


omg guys omg omg omg!!! CATCHING FIRE DAY!!!! TTYL
gtg 2 school

Snapchat Cheats

Snapchat is quickly growing popularity, so here are a few little tricks to make it super cool.
*Only works on pics, not videos*
When writing a caption, type ‘Negative…’ with capital N and the … after it has a cool little trick to it.
Try it with ‘Sepia…’ and ‘B&w…’ and you will have several different effects to try out.
Good Luck!

Good Usernames

So sometimes you need to find a username, whether it’s for twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, or any other social media that asks for a user. You could use your name, (first, lats) but a, that’s boring!! And b, you may want to keep some of your personal information private. So, here are some tips for finding your perfect pseudonym!!
~Use underscores. If the name you like is taken, try separating it in underscores. E.g. Instead if angelbeats, if that was the user you wanted, use angel_beats
~Spell things wrong!! Again if angelbeats and angel_beats is taken, spell something wrong on purpose like angelbeatz.
~Here are cool names. Feel free to mix and match!
etc! go crazy, have fun with it! Be WHIMSICAL!!!


LikeYes!posts <—click here!!

So I created one of those funny post things that I called ‘Like Yes!’ so please check it out and try to make ‘Like Yes! Posts’ a thing. Go on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, anywhere and tell people to check it out, use the hashtag #likeyesposts and I will choose a random winner to give a shout out to.

Happy hashtagging!


I decided what to be for Halloween,
and this is gonna sound really random cuz it wasn’t on my list of things I was thinking of, but I’m going to be a tin girl!! Google “tin heartthrob teen costume” to see it.
It’s almost my birthday!


SOOO Halloween is coming up soon! (Obviously!) And I still don’t know what to be! My ideas:
Native American
Please comment these and/or other ideas. Feel free to post what you’re going to be!
Happy Halloween ;)

My drawing

webcam-toy-photo1I know this is dim, but I just took a pic of this drawing from my laptop. It’s coatie from the anime show Polyphonica. Look it up. posting more 2moro, gnight! <3 Me

Me Happy!

soooo…. my grandpa came in from Florida with a little camera for my brother and a laptop for me! I will be able to post more. And… I’ll post a drawing. Tonight. :) I’ve gotten many requests for a picture of one of my drawings, so, I’ll do it. ;)


So guys, who remembers my first post?


Draw Something? So yeah. nowwwww I got… 


DRAW SOMETHING 2!! Anyone can add me, I’m mockingjay_4evr if you want to… Also we have a school Field trip, we are going to White Pines Ranch!!! Wed-Friday. I’ll tell all about it, when I get back.